If you have been consistently advertising on Google over the past year, you may have received a notice recently about a substantial Google Ads credit applied to your account. However, if your ad agency uses the tactic mentioned in our last blog, there’s a chance you haven’t gotten your credit.  If you have not yet  Read More

Slaying the Giant: Choosing the Right Partner to Take on Google Ads Every business in the pool and spa industry needs to be using Google Ads. It’s not even a question anymore. You only need to look at stats like “92% of all web searches take place on Google” to know it’s true. But probably  Read More

Some brands have left Google AdWords by the wayside because they felt it was not intuitive or specific enough for their needs.  But since the launch of Experience, Google AdWords’ newest UI, there have been a number of improvements that can help your brand better leverage its marketing efforts.   1. Detailed Landing Page Reporting  Read More