Whoever said Twitter is dead? The reboot of Roseanne on the ABC network was met with record-breaking views with more than 18 million people tuning in to watch its premiere.  But despite its popularity, it only took one controversial Twitter post from actor Roseanne Barr to bring the whole show to an abrupt conclusion. No  Read More

Twitter has taken its video marketing offerings to a whole new level with their “Video Website Card”. The Video Website Card is incredibly versatile, allowing advertisers to use video for things like to showcasing product launches, demonstrating services, or revealing a new store location.  It is an auto-playing video, something which a Twitter beta test  Read More

The characteristic that has defined Twitter for over 11 years is changing. After ruling out longer tweets in the past, Twitter Inc. has announced that they will be increasing their character limit from 140 characters to 280 characters.  This change has already rolled out to select accounts and will soon be available across the Twitterverse.  Read More

Online video is taking over social media.  Both video and live streaming has grown at a rapid rate over the past year, and Twitter has ramped up their online video marketing offerings to match this demand. Two months ago Twitter stated that they would be live streaming online video at all hours of the day,  Read More