Get ready for something really Awesome. Google is taking huge leaps in improving the photo and video experiences on their social media network and unveiled some brand new features on Tuesday that are worth taking a look at, including a new multimedia tool called Auto Awesome Movies. Auto Awesome lets you take photos and videos and  Read More

Last Thursday, Instagram unveiled sample ads that will be expected to appear on users’ feeds sometime this week. The ads will look like regular Instagram posts, but will be labeled as “sponsored” content at the top right hand corner. Instagram mentioned in their blog earlier this month that the company will start featuring high-quality ads from  Read More

Search engine optimization can be a strategic, exhaustive web strategy that can drastically improve your website traffic, but did you know there are practices that Google actually encourages to increase your website traffic even more? Google changes a lot of things on us, we have to admit, especially when it comes to SEO. And as  Read More