Digital advertising has become the norm when promoting a business in the modern world. Even local companies are turning to online promotional strategies to attract more customers. The term “digital marketing” can refer to a wide range of advertising strategies. Some are free, and others cost money – such as Google search ads. 

In a recent survey, SEO was rated as the top method for generating leads on a website. About 70% of the survey responses marked SEO as their preferred option. However, the problem is that search engine optimization can take a long time before you get real results. When setting up a digital campaign, you want your website to get traffic immediately – which is where Google search advertising comes in. 

What Are Google Search Ads?

Search ads are sometimes also called PPC ads, which stands for Paid-Per-Click advertising. The advertisement charges you a fee every time someone clicks on one of your ads. It is a relatively straightforward strategy that can give you impressive results with the right planning process.

Google search ads are the most popular type of PPC advertising strategies used. These ads are managed through the official Google Ads platform, previously called Google AdWords. 

With Google search ads, you can decide where your ads should show up. You can choose partner websites, which will create sponsored ads, or you can set up a Google Search ads campaign. In this scenario, your ads show up when someone uses Google to search for something. 

For example, suppose you own a company that focuses on pool installation services in California. In that case, you could set up an ad that shows up when someone in California searches for “pool installation near me.” If you have a spa company and would like to promote your business, you could set up an ad to show for searches like “spa dealer near me,” “hot tubs in California,” or “how much does a hot tub cost.” 

Google Search Ad Optimization

With Google search ads, you get to specify your daily ad budget. You can also decide to focus on conversions or clicks – and even implement a shortcode in the header of your website to track conversions. Google will give you a full report on the performance of your ads, ad groups, and your selected keywords. 

With this data, you can make improvements to your search ads to possibly reduce the pay-per-click rate while also enhancing the conversion and click-through rates at the same time. 

With PPC ads, know that it takes some experimenting before you get a campaign that works well for your business. You might have to make several adjustments over the first few weeks, but once you have an optimized campaign, you are sure to find that it quickly covers your ad expenses and brings you an attractive return on your investment. 

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Search ads can help drive traffic to your website without waiting for SEO efforts to kick in. These ads generally charge you a fee per click. The higher the rate paid for every click, the better your ad will rank in search results. Google search ads can be costly, but you can get a high return on investment with the right optimization strategy. 

At Small Screen Producer’s Pool Marketing Site, we have a team of pool and spa marketing professionals with years of experience optimizing and managing Google Ads. If you need help running your Google search ad campaigns, we’ve got you covered.

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