Every business in the pool and spa industry needs to be using Google Ads. It’s not even a question anymore. You only need to look at stats like “92% of all web searches take place on Google” to know it’s true. But probably even better proof is just thinking about the last time you looked into making a big purchase. Like 80,000 other people doing the exact same that exact second, you probably did research on Google before making a decision. 

On top of it all, searches for pools and hot tubs are huge right now. Searches for above ground pools are skyrocketing. Everybody wants a pool or hot tub, and everyone is looking for them on Google. 

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Don’t Throw Your Money Away

So, you know you need to be searchable on Google. But it can feel like a giant monster that needs to be slain. It seems like one of those things you need to do just to compete rather than an opportunity to boost revenue. If you stay out of Google, you’re missing out on countless opportunities and losing tons of potential business. But getting into Google Ads can feel like throwing money into a fire just to keep it lit. 

Is there any way to make it easier and more cost-effective so that you can sleep better at night knowing you’re actually getting a good return on your investment? Any marketing agency selling Google Ads services will tell you there is. Simply search for anything related to Google Ads and you’re bombarded with companies that all claim to be #1, “the best”, and promise to keep you from wasting money. It’s like they spend more time and effort attracting their clients than actually helping them. 

Choose the Right Google Ads Company for You

How do you choose a Google Ads company that you can actually trust? One word: transparency. They need to be open about their past performance and results from campaigns similar to the ones you’ll run. But be careful of overpromising. Any pool and spa marketing company that promises instant returns isn’t being honest. Also, avoid companies that try to dazzle you with jargon without making sure you really understand what they mean. 

Perhaps most important are the numbers they’ll use to measure your success. It’s vital to find a marketing company that doesn’t focus on “vanity metrics” meant to make it look like you’re getting results. Sure, a ton of people saw your ads and they got plenty of clicks. That’s great and it’s necessary. But why are you really giving your hard-earned money to Google? Tha answer: to get more leads. At Small Screen Producer, we understand that. So that’s what we focus on.   

Get the Information You Need 

It really can be a jungle out there and conquering Google Ads isn’t easy without the right talent and experience. And like any jungle, there are lurking predators looking to take advantage of the unprepared. That’s why we want to give you the information you need to choose the right Google Ads company for your business. Next, we’ll give some important things to watch out for once you start working with a marketing company, including one tactic you really need to be careful to avoid. 

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