Last Wednesday, Pinterest launched a new feature called “Place Pins,” which allows users to map out the locations of the items, photos, and content they share on their pinboards.  Users can click on “Add a map” under the settings of a new or an existing board and they’re taken to an interactive map where  Read More

The exchange and presentation of holiday cards is the most widely accepted custom in the United States, according to the Greeting Card Association. And about 500 million eCards are sent every year by companies all over the country. Why? eCards are environmentally-friendly and don’t require paper waste and postage a single eCard can be sent  Read More

Get ready to nourish your mind, body, heart and soul.  Hot Body Yoga in Frisco, Texas is set to make a positive impact in every aspect of your life with just a yoga mat. Owner Wendy Randall’s vision was to create a place for everyone to enjoy yoga, regardless of age, experience, fitness level and  Read More