If you’ve read our two previous blogs, you know that Google Ads is a must for pool and spa businesses, and you learned some key strategies and insights to help make the best decision. You’ve learned the importance of transparency and a big mistake to avoid when choosing a pool and spa marketing agency.  When looking for a marketing  Read More

If you have been consistently advertising on Google over the past year, you may have received a notice recently about a substantial Google Ads credit applied to your account. However, if your ad agency uses the tactic mentioned in our last blog, there’s a chance you haven’t gotten your credit.  If you have not yet  Read More

Slaying the Giant: Choosing the Right Partner to Take on Google Ads Every business in the pool and spa industry needs to be using Google Ads. It’s not even a question anymore. You only need to look at stats like “92% of all web searches take place on Google” to know it’s true. But probably  Read More