Do Instagram stories matter to small businesses? We’ve got two answers for you – the short answer and the long one. Short answer? Yes, it matters.  The Long Answer   We’ve given this question a big yes already. Now, we’ll get to the why. It has something to do with the 500 million people who use  Read More

The evolution of technology has made many companies focus entirely on digital marketing and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for advertising their businesses. With so much competition on Google and social media, small businesses should focus on local marketing to improve their marketing efficiency. Local marketing enables companies to target the  Read More

The pool and spa industry is saturated. Lots of companies are active both online and offline. That doesn’t bode well for newcomers, nor can it be good for established businesses. Becoming the top pool and spa company in your area might sound like a real challenge. Fortunately, with the right effort you can change the  Read More