Selling products or services to any generation is a challenge, but millennials have a lot of advertisers scratching their heads and struggling to come up with solid marketing campaigns.  This is because of a number of factors, like: Millennials are multi-taskers.  The 18 to 34 years of age crowd enjoy using multiple devices simultaneously and  Read More

Google is making greater strides towards taking on Amazon’s online shopping market dominance with their newly announced program Google Shopping Actions. The tech giant shared that the majority of questions users ask about what, where and how to purchase a product online leads to a sale on Amazon.  Shopping Actions, which works across Google’s Search,  Read More

Late last week, the European Commission (EU) proposed a series of new rules that could require search engines, online platforms and e-commerce websites to publicly reveal how they rank pages in their search engine results. Google would be the main player affected by these rules if they go into effect in April, but other search  Read More