It’s 3 AM. Do you know what your Google Ads spend is doing? Not much, because people surfing the internet at 3 AM probably aren’t your most likely customers. That’s the kind of unknown you get with many Google Ads management agencies. You give them money, and they spend it. But how? 

If you’re spending money on Google Ads, you deserve to know how, when, and why it’s being spent, and what your real results are. Not the wall of secrecy you get from most marketing companies. 

You Deserve What Your Customers Deserve 

In any relationship, transparency matters. If you’re a pool builder, would you expect a customer to hand over $75,000, never check on their pool’s progress, and hope for the best? If you’re a hot tub dealer, do you think a customer would hand over $10,000 and take whatever spa you happen to deliver to their house? 

That would be ridiculous. But that’s how many business owners in the pool and spa industry handle their Google advertising. They pay a monthly fee to a marketing company and then settle for monthly reports that give limited information and don’t actually breakdown how they spent your money. How much went to actual ad spend and getting you leads and how much went “elsewhere?” Who knows? And they won’t tell. 

A Smarter Approach to Google Ads Management 

We do things differently at Small Screen Producer. We are as open and transparent as possible. You’ll know how we spend every dollar. Your ad budget goes directly to Google and gets you leads. We charge a standard fee for monthly Google Ads management, and every other dollar spent is entirely up to you. We offer guidance and suggestions, of course, but you control where every dime goes. 

Even more important than where your money goes is what it does. We offer full reporting with access to every analytic – not just a few metrics designed to make us look good. We don’t merely show you the concrete shell while hiding a shoddy rebar job. Or turn on the bubbles without showing you the jets. 

Working Together for Better Results 

Your customers deserve to know what they’re buying from you. It’s a matter of pride that you offer a quality product. We share that same pride. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting from us. That’s how we get you better results. 

About Small Screen Producer 

Small Screen Producer is dedicated to designing and creating your company’s total web and online presence. As the leading innovator of digital media in the pool and spa industry, we have the experience to capitalize on your unique strengths to help your business succeed. 

We offer a complete line of digital marketing solutions to custom pool builders and pool and spa retailers. These include website design, website development, Google Ad services, Facebook and Instagram Ad services, lead generation tools, email marketing, social media management, reputation management, content marketing, technical services, blog services, copywriting, and comprehensive monthly plans to take your online marketing and advertising off to the next level and off your to-do list.  

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