Instagram has now rolled out 60 second video ad units for all accounts. This means that users and brands will have the ability to share longer videos, shifting away from the traditional 15 second video model. This is a total game changer for the image based platform. Since its introduction in June 2013, social video  Read More

Nurturing your leads is like growing a garden. You place the seeds with content marketing, water by interacting with your followers, fertilize by answering any questions and educating, then checking the seeds by monitoring progress and following up. And like any gardener, not seeing any blooming blossoms out of your hard work can be down  Read More

In December 2015, Facebook rolled out a way for Pages to stream live video in the form of real-time Facebook posts. Live streaming video mobile apps have been around for a few years, beginning with Meerkat, followed by Twitter’s Periscope app, which allows users to directly interact with viewers through a mobile device. As of  Read More

Facebook began rolling out Facebook beacons mid last year, a system that uses Bluetooth® technology help customers see more information about local businesses on Facebook. Keen to the wants and needs of retailers, Facebook offers these beacons as free devices for businesses around the country. How do Facebook beacons work? Facebook beacons are Bluetooth® technology devices that emit  Read More