We live in an increasingly digital world, and our online presence can significantly impact our lives. From personal relationships to job prospects, how you’re perceived online can make all the difference. In that case, how can you make sure your online reputation is a positive one?  That’s where Internet Reputation Protector comes in.  This powerful  Read More

Ensuring your online presence reflects your business is critical to success. As a pool and spa industry professional, your reputation is everything. It’s what attracts customers and builds trust. Nowadays, understanding how to google yourself and manage your online presence effectively is more critical than ever. After all, 80% of employers will be googling a  Read More

Although a popular tool for A/B Testing, Google recently announced they’ll discontinue their Optimize services. The news leaves small businesses scrambling to find a suitable replacement that offers similar functionalities. Today, we will explore the impact of Google Optimize’s discontinuation on companies, discuss potential replacements, and provide tips for a smooth transition away from the  Read More