Do you ever feel as if your great video and written content isn’t getting the attention it deserves from the online world? A recent Google search report reveals that you aren’t alone. SparkToro and Jumpshot released a report last week showing that just over fifty percent (50.33 percent) of Google searches aren’t being clicked. They  Read More

Facebook has made it no secret that they are investing heavily in their advertisement options. Ad placements have already been added to Stories and Marketplace, and now more Facebook Ads will now also be making an appearance on Search. Unlike other advertising channels (like Google Ads), Facebook ads cannot be targeted through keywords. Instead advertisers  Read More

Late last week Google launched its new video series, “SEO Mythbusting,” on its Webmaster YouTube channel. Throughout the episode Martin Splitt, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, went into detail about what the top three SEO ranking factors were. The first top ranking factor: Content. SEO Ranking Factor #1: Content Splitt made it clear that “really good  Read More