After a short beta test in Thailand and Australia, Facebook Messenger will now begin showing brand advertisements in Messenger’s main inbox tab. Facebook is slowly beginning to roll out these targeted ads globally with the company anticipating to have them appear on all users’ accounts by the end of 2017. Facebook Warns Nearing Limit of  Read More

For the past 3 or 4 years Google has been quietly tinkering with a project they now call “Google Home Services”.  Originally only available in San Francisco – and in several changing formats – Google Home Services is now being rolled out to seven major cities around the country including Los Angeles, Seattle and Atlanta.  Read More

While most social media networks have offered native video support for the past couple of years, LinkedIn is finally joining in on the action. Like other networks, videos will play automatically with the sound off.  Key metrics such as likes, views and share counts will be displayed, and the video can be up to 10  Read More