In early 2015, Google rocked the tech industry with its announcement that beginning April 2015, it would introduce a new mobile friendly ranking factor to search results. This meant Google would consider the ranking of websites in search results based on whether that website was mobile friendly or not. Google’s “Mobilegeddon” was a the company’s  Read More

How do you get your most satisfied customers to become your biggest online brand advocates? The importance of online reviews is evident. No amount of advertising, tweeting, and direct mailing can stop the impact customers can have writing online reviews. While many businesses outside of the food and hospitality industries find it rather difficult to ask  Read More

Today’s consumer is more connected than every before. With the continuing innovations in mobile, social and marketing automation, customers continue to expect individualized attention and communication. With this pivotal shift, it’s no surprise that video has become the medium of choice for this ultra connected consumer. Video is not only preferred for peer-to-peer broadcasts, but  Read More