After half a year of testing, Instagram is finally ready to debut its auto-play video ads, 15-seconds of video that will auto play in Instagram users’ feeds. Users began seeing advertisements from well-known brands on Thursday. These video ads, much like the Instagram photo ads that were introduced last year, are targeted only to specific  Read More

One very big advantage to having a social media presence is that it helps build out a company’s overall web presence and keeps the referral traffic steady for businesses or organizations. While almost every major social media site can contribute referral traffic for a website, there’s only one that tops them all! According to a  Read More

On Monday night at Re/code’s Code/Mobile conference in San Francisco, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that the Google-owned platform is thinking about launching an ad-free subscription service. “We’re thinking about giving users options,” she said. The giant video-sharing website that allows billions of users to upload, watch, and share originally created videos is ad-supported at  Read More