Google may own YouTube, but as it turns out, these two video search engines can return drastically different video search results. A study released earlier this year revealed that over half of the time, YouTube and Google will return different video search results when a user enters a search query.  The results found that Google  Read More

Streaming online video to a television screen is nothing new.  But the number of people who are watching YouTube on their TV is doubling year over year. According to YouTube, two out of three YouTube viewers are watching videos on their television.  Watching YouTube on the television is also twice as likely to draw a  Read More

YouTube recently announced that they will be allowing a lot more users to start live-streaming from their smartphones. The Google-owned company has offered the ability for YouTubers to launch live-streams from their desktop computers for a while now, and in February of this year they began offering their mobile live-streaming to channels with a minimum  Read More