Online video is taking over social media.  Both video and live streaming has grown at a rapid rate over the past year, and Twitter has ramped up their online video marketing offerings to match this demand.

Two months ago Twitter stated that they would be live streaming online video at all hours of the day, every day of the week inside both its app and its desktop site.  Last month the social media company partnered up with the BBC and provided live election coverage.

Just recently Twitter and the All England Lawn Tennis Club entered into an agreement that the social media network could live stream its Wimbledon channel, allowing tennis lovers from around the globe to watch the matches daily and in real-time.

Anyone Can Go Live on Twitter

Twitter may not be recognized as a “broadcaster” today, but the network seems to be heading in that direction.

Going live on Twitter is an easy two-step process:

  • Tap on the “Compose a New Tweet” button
  • Tap on “Live”

From that point you can live stream your video and viewers can make comments, all in real-time.

Online Video a Vital Part of Any Content Marketing Strategy

25 percent of your customers will lose interest in your brand if you do not have an “explainer video” which shows how your product or service can be used.  Whether you plan on having a dynamic live streaming video or a static video showcasing your product, online video is a must-have if you want to compete online and off.

Create the Best Online Video Possible with Small Screen Producer

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