Whoever said Twitter is dead?

The reboot of Roseanne on the ABC network was met with record-breaking views with more than 18 million people tuning in to watch its premiere.  But despite its popularity, it only took one controversial Twitter post from actor Roseanne Barr to bring the whole show to an abrupt conclusion.

No matter what your feelings on the topic, one thing is for certain: what you say and do online has a phenomenal impact on your brand.  That is why Small Screen Producer offers reputation management packages tailored to meet the needs of brands of all shapes and sizes.

Take Full Control of Your Reputation Online

Small Screen Producer offers three levels of reputation management monitoring with each package giving our clients the power to:

1. Repair your brand

Our tools allow brands to quickly detect online inaccuracies and uncover opportunities for improving public ratings and search engine rankings.

2. Monitor your reputation

Rather than spend hours scouring the World Wide Web, we make tracking what other people are saying about you online simple and straightforward.

3. Grow and adapt

Customer recommendations are amongst the most effective ways to grow a brand online.  We’ve made it easy for you to regularly check in with customer feedback so you can adjust, adapt and grow with your customers.

4. Put your best face forward

Our reputation management software allows you to boost positive reviews, tend to negative comments, and continue to have full control over your brand so that you can always show the best side of your company.

Don’t Let Twitter Bring You Down

Small Screen Producer’s reputation management options mean maintaining full authority over your brand.  To learn more about our reputation management options, we welcome you to click here or to give us a call today at (281) 569-4370.