The latest report on Internet trends from renowned venture capitalist and former Wall Street securities analyst Mary Meeker has introduced some fresh findings about the current and future state of Internet advertising.  Here are just a few highlights from the report:


1. Digital Media Usage Continues to Grow

Our hunger for digital media has grown by 4 percent over the past year with the average person spending 5.9 hours per day on devices like our smartphones and desktop computers.  Mobile media has also reached new heights with our mobile media consumption reaching 3.3 hours per day.


2. Internet Advertising Budgets Are Increasing

The report found that Internet advertising spend in the United States has grown by 21 percent.  As mobile usage increases, it’s expected that budgets for mobile advertising will rise to match.


3. Voice Search Is Taking Off

As voice technology matures, our adoption of products like Amazon Echo has grown.  As the report highlights, Google Machine Learning Word Accuracy is now accurate 95 percent of the time, which explains why we are more willing to place our trust in voice search.


4. More Mobile Video Views

Daily mobile video views are increasing by leaps and bounds.  It is projected that by the end of 2018 the average user will spend approximately 35 minutes a day watching video content from a mobile device.


5. Don’t Rule Out SEO and PPC

Amazon came out on top for product discovery and research, but that doesn’t mean that SEO and PPC don’t have a place in Internet marketing.  According to the report, while 49 percent of users start their product search on Amazon, 36 percent begin the process of finding a product through a search engine.


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