Social content-sharing website StumbleUpon is saying sayonara after 16 years of service.  

The website is credited as being one of the earliest social media sharing platforms and has grown to 40 million users since it opened its doors in 2001.  It was one of the first of its kind which allowed users to submit reviews and ratings, share favorite websites, and provide recommendations for other content.  

Many say that subsequent social-sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter, and its failure to adapt to what these platforms have to offer, is what has ultimately led to StumbleUpon’s demise.

Garrett Camp, co-founder, says that all StumbleUpon accounts can be moved over to one of his newer products,, over the next couple of months.


To Rebrand or To Refresh?

StumbleUpon never reached the same height of popularity as many of today’s social platforms.  But Camp’s decision to pull the virtual plug on this service does bring into question whether a company should try to rebrand under the same name or change its brand entirely when faced with brand-related challenges

Rebranding can make sense if:

  • You want to change the messaging or position of your brand
  • You want to focus on a new industry and/or new products/services
  • You want to attract new audiences
  • You want to increase brand visibility
  • You want to change brand perception

A brand refresh is like giving your brand a new coat of paint.  This may involve freshening up your color scheme, giving your logo an overhaul, and updating your company website. You may want to refresh a brand to reflect a change in company focus, new growth or to appeal to a more specific target market.  


Why StumbleUpon Rolled Into

When the news of StumbleUpon’s closing hit the World Wide Web, many Internet users were surprised to learn that the website was still operational at all.  This lack of brand recognition as well as there being another better, shinier platform waiting to absorb its users, are both good reasons why Camp would choose to put an end to the site rather than go to the effort and expense of refreshing the company brand.


Control the Direction of Your Brand

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