Addressing negative online reviews can be a delicate task. It’s important to take control over your reputation and manage reviews diligently.

Small Screen Producer offers five quick tips on how to handle this challenging public feedback.


1. Keep Your Responses Simple and Direct

Confronting any negative feedback head-on is essential. Replying publicly to your reviews is one way of defending the integrity of your business, but it’s important to take responsibility for any errors and never accuse the customer. Begin by explaining that your company values a high level of customer service and apologize that this particular experience did not live up to the usual standards. If it’s relevant to detail your version of events, do so very briefly within 1 or 2 sentences and remember to reveal only necessary information.


2. Lead the Conversation Offline

End your short response by asking the customer to follow up with you directly via email or phone. Explain that, to resolve the situation, you hope they will provide you with the opportunity to discuss their experience with your business in more detail. The less back and forth online, the better.


3. Always Respond to Reviews

Whether it’s a new negative or positive review, it’s still a great idea to reply. Expressing that you’re thankful for all the feedback you receive shows that the business values its reputation. Responding quickly to new reviews gives leads comfort that, if something does go wrong with their future transaction, your business will be quick to mend the situation.


4. Bad Reviews Do Not Mean Bad Business

The truth is, everyone receives negative reviews at some point or another. Just because the feedback isn’t favorable, doesn’t mean it can’t have a constructive impact on your business listing and improve general operations. Consumers expect to see negative reviews for every business. How a company uses their criticism is what can positively separate them from the competition.


5. Gather More Reviews to Shift the Focus

One of the most effective ways to take the attention off of negative reviews is to ask your loyal customers to leave their feedback online as well. Small Screen Producer can help your business effectively gather new reviews via email or text messaging requests.


Learn More About How to Protect Your Reputation

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