Google is making greater strides towards taking on Amazon’s online shopping market dominance with their newly announced program Google Shopping Actions.

The tech giant shared that the majority of questions users ask about what, where and how to purchase a product online leads to a sale on Amazon.  Shopping Actions, which works across Google’s Search, Assistant and Express platforms, provides consumers with a single universal shopping cart and allows them to instantly complete their purchase.


Benefits of the Google Shopping Actions Program

When Google announced their Shopping Actions program on Monday, Google’s president for retail and shopping Daniel Alegre stated that users would enjoy the following three benefits:

  • Products will now appear on new platforms (specifically mentioned is Google Assistant with voice shopping)
  • Allow customers to effortlessly make purchases across Google.  In addition to a universal shopping cart and instant checkout, consumers will have a shareable list and be able to save their payment credentials online
  • Boost engagement and loyalty amount high-value customers

Unlike other platforms, Google Shopping Actions will be using a pay-per-sale model meaning so businesses will only pay Google a commission when a sale is successful.

The program has just gone live in the United States and any retailer can apply to be a part of the program.


How Should You Advertise Your Brand?

Options like Google Shopping Actions often leaves brands scratching their heads and wondering if – and how – they should change their advertising campaigns.  Is Google Shopping Actions something to explore? Should you continue with Google Ads or switch up your strategy entirely?

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