Facebook and a third party contracted by the network, Cambridge Analytica, are currently embroiled in a massive data privacy scandal after the data of 50 million Facebook users was pulled and used for purposes still not entirely clear to the public.

To gain access to the data, Global Science Research, hired by Cambridge Analytica, created a personality quiz specifically to gain access to the personal data.

Cambridge Analytica claims that they and their contractor mined the data without breaking the law and the terms and conditions laid out by Facebook.  Facebook has said little and is arguably taking the brunt of this scandal, with users accusing the social network of not doing enough to prevent such a loophole from existing and for failing to protect the personal information of its users.


What Businesses Can Learn from the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica Scandal

There are three key points that we can all learn from this heated scandal:


1. Transparency Is Critical

It doesn’t matter if you are a social media giant like Facebook or a small online outfit: transparency is crucial if you plan to gain and retain users and customers.  

Was Facebook and its third party contractors fully compliant with the network’s terms & conditions?  Possibly, but that is hardly the issue if the users feel duped and taken advantage of. Regardless of how legal your actions may be, your users will abandon your brand if they feel that they have been tricked or unknowingly coerced into an action or agreement.

2. Never Rely on One Marketing Channel

Research has already shown that younger millennials are foregoing being a part of Facebook entirely.  But after the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, users have been leaving the network in droves (including notable personalities like Elon Musk and his two brands, SpaceX and Tesla).

Always keep your options open.  Make sure that you have a multi-channel marketing campaign in place and that your business is never relying on one marketing channel so heavily that you may sink without it.

3. Privacy Is Everything

As the World Wide Web grows, concerns surrounding privacy are also expanding.  That is why it is important that your brand have a bolstered privacy policy in place, and that your brand adheres to those terms every step of the way.


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