Earlier this month billionaire Warren Buffet shared with business students that the most valuable skill they can learn is public speaking.  But one of the most difficult aspects to this is finding an appropriate online public speaking platform for your business.

Taking Buffet’s Words to Heart

Buffet continued to say that public speaking can raise your value by as much as 50 percent.  He also went on to say that sharpening your communication skills now will pay off for the rest of your career.

You do not need to be a consultant, a motivational speaker, or even a CEO to understand that well-honed communication skills can raise your market value and boost the value of your business.  This is one of the reasons why the savvy businesses today are turning to communication channels, such as YouTube and Vimeo, to reach out and engage with people.

Using Video as an Online Public Speaking Platform for Your Business

Most businesses do not have the opportunity to walk up on stage and issue a statement to their potential and current customers.  But using tools such as YouTube allows you to connect with your customers on a deeper level.  This would also explain why more than 60% of marketers and small businesses owners stated that they planned to increase their investment in video marketing this year (https://animoto.com/blog/business/2016-social-video-forecast-infographic/).

Video allows businesses to perform a number of actions, including:

  • Showing how a product works
  • Revealing personal things about your business that others may not know (your customers love to see the face behind the brand)
  • Sharing ideas about where you want to take your business (you may receive some thoughtful feedback from your followers)

Facebook users watch 8 billion videos per day, and businesses who are not taking advantage of this opportunity are missing out.

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