A recent analysis performed by the company Keywee has revealed that the amount of text in your Facebook post could impact how it is prioritized in Facebook News Feed and the extent of its organic reach.

Why Posts Appear as They Do in Your Facebook News Feed

Since Facebook announced changes to its Facebook News Feed algorithm in June of 2016, the social media giant stated that post relevance would be impacted by three main “signal” types:

  • Who Posted It: This would be the family, friends, public figures, news sources and businesses a user interacts with on a regular basis.
  • Post Type: Facebook News Feed is designed to prioritize the types of posts a user interacts with the most, whether those are photos, links, or videos.
  • Post Activity: Posts which have a lot of likes, shares, and comments (especially if these are from people the Facebook user interacts with the most) could appear in higher in a person’s News Feed.

What the Study Found

In addition to the above, Keywee’s recent analysis of over 230,000 organic posts from over 300 publishers suggest that the amount of text in a Facebook post could have an impact on where it appears in News Feed and its reach on the network.

The study found that the percentage of reach continues to steadily increase as the number of words in a post also increases.  After the 20 word mark, however, the ratio flattens out significantly regardless of how many words are used.

How Businesses Should React

Facebook has not commented on what is and what is not the best length for a post in terms of reach and where you may appear in Facebook News Feed.   But if you have noticed that your reach is lagging on Facebook, or if you want to improve your reach and business exposure, take this time to experiment with your posts.  Increase the word length, try using different media like video marketing, and keep an eye on your analytics.

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