Social media has become one of the leading ways to market a product, a service, or an idea.  With a recent Pew Research Center report revealing that four out of five adults over the age of 18 have Facebook accounts, it is obvious that social networking is necessary to survive in today’s online marketplace.

But that does not mean that other communication channels like email should be abandoned.  One growing trend amongst adults is for us to take a week or month long “breaks” from social media.  A thesis involving 1,095 participants also found that taking a break from Facebook has a positive impact on life satisfaction and on our emotions.

Stay in Touch with a Solid Email Marketing Strategy

The question, “Is email marketing dead?” has lead to to heated debates amongst online marketers.  But we believe that email is certainly not dead.  In fact, 89% of marketers have said that email is their primary channel for generating leads.

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns This Year

The problem is that email marketing is becoming harder to do well.  Take a good hard look at your email marketing strategy and see how these tips can help you:

  1. Have a Goal for Each and Every Email

Every email you send out to your recipients should have a clearly defined goal.  Some common email marketing goals include:

  • Encouraging your readership to fill out longer forms for gated content
  • Sharing information about an upcoming sale
  • Having recipients redeem a promo code to make a purchase on your site

Add in a touch of personalization and you will have a greater chance of seeing a higher clickthrough rate and customer acquisition.

  1. Send Emails to People Who Want Your Messages

Have email lists with low rates of engagement?  Are some people marking your messages as “spam”?  Do both yourself and your recipients a favor and stop sending them emails.  They are unwanted and they are hurting your brand.

  1. Test Your Email Marketing Campaigns

There is no way for you to know whether or not you have a great email marketing strategy unless you are testing it.  Learn about what metrics you should be following and which factors may telling you that it is time to change your campaign.

Improving your email marketing strategy will take time, patience, and persistence.  But once you discover what type of messaging works with your leads and customers, this incredible tool will help you scale your business.

Want to learn more about email marketing and other online marketing strategies that can help grow your business?  Small Screen Producer is here to help.  We help our clients position their businesses so that they can not only survive but thrive in today’s digital world.

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