Instagram is known for its digital toolbox loaded with cool camera effects including time-lapse videos and Boomerang GIFs.  Its newest offering, Instagram Superzoom, allows users to take dramatic close-up videos which can be synced up with music and sound effects.

These short videos are created using either the front- or rear-facing camera on your device.  Users control how long the video is by holding down the shutter button for anywhere from three to fifteen seconds.

Instagram allows users to include a lingering, slowed “final zoom” of your subject.  Superzoom also features a targeting reticle and special stabilization technology so the shot is nice and steady.

How Brands Can Use Instagram Superzoom

Over 70 percent of top brands are active on Instagram, and for a good reason: it is a great way to showcase products and to increase brand awareness.

If you haven’t already staked your turf on Instagram, create an account and start playing around with Superzoom:

  • Use Superzoom to provide viewers with close-up views of your products
  • Have fun with the technology and shoot engaging videos showing you or other employees hard at work
  • Create “teaser videos” for product launches or prototypes

Online Means Unlimited Possibilities with Small Screen Producer

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