The spookiest, most spine tingling night is upon us once again, and we at Small Screen Producer are celebrating by sharing some of the scariest and most shocking online marketing statistics we have uncovered over the past year.

1. The Halloween Market is Growing

Since the first citywide Halloween celebration occurred in Anoka, Minnesota in 1921, the Halloween industry has continued to grow by the year.  This year it is estimated that $2 billion alone will be spent on candy and sugary snacks for trick or treating youngsters alone, with the average household spending nearly $85 (up from over $74 in 2015) on the day.

Why is this so scary?  It’s not – that is, as long as you are coming up with creative online marketing campaigns to be a part of it!  You don’t need to be a chocolatier or a costume maker to capitalize on the day.  We work with clients to come up with creative seasonal campaigns that both celebrate the holiday and that translate into sales for your brand.

2. The Majority of Marketers Don’t Have a Clear Content Marketing Plan

Altimer recently revealed that only 30 percent of marketing professionals have taken the time to put together a consistent and integrated content marketing strategy for their brand.  

Why is this so scary?  Without a proper content marketing strategy, it can be difficult to:

  • Generate leads
  • Measure the results of your campaigns
  • Grow your company


3. Almost Half of Marketers Think Their Strategies Stink

HubSpot ran a poll where only 61 percent of marketing professional respondents said that they thought their marketing strategies were effective.

Why is this so scary?  Brands place trust in marketers to improve their reach, boost sales, and help them grow.  Take the time to properly vet all of your online marketing firm options to ensure that you find the one that is the right fit for your company.

What to Expect from Small Screen Producer

Spooked by the thought of starting up an online marketing campaign?  Don’t be!

Small Screen Producer treats each client relationship as a partnership.  We work alongside our clients to ensure that we fully realize your business goals and ambitions, and we create effective online marketing campaigns and strategies that are proven to help you reach them through website design, content (web content, blog posts, professional videography, etc.),  paid search advertising, and more.

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