Google may own YouTube, but as it turns out, these two video search engines can return drastically different video search results.

A study released earlier this year revealed that over half of the time, YouTube and Google will return different video search results when a user enters a search query.  The results found that Google prefers to return specific search results (like “how-to” videos) and immediate resources that are short and to the point.  YouTube, on the other hand, returns more entertainment-focused video results with longer videos being favored.

Ranking Well on Both Video Search Engines

The good news is that you do not need to make any drastic changes to your videos in order to rank highly on one or both video search engines – that is, as long as you are following these 3 steps:

1. Focus on fantastic content

Shoot well produced and interesting content, paying particular attention to engaging with a viewer within those first precious 10 seconds of your video (if a user hits the “back” button on either a YouTube or Google-found video within that time, both video search engines will assume your video isn’t very good which will have a negative impact on your ranking).

2. Include loads of text-based information

Not only is this useful for your viewer, but it helps the search engine determine what your video is about.  Include a main keyword in the title of your video for the greatest impact.

3. Tag your video

Don’t ignore those video tags!  Useful and relevant tags make it easier for your video to be found across both video search engines, so take the time to tag them appropriately.

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