When the going gets tough, savvy business owners focus on customer loyalty and retention. For months now, we’ve all heard whispers about a looming recession. These mumblings might have you wondering how you can set your pool company or construction business up for success during difficult economic times. If you’re concerned about your company’s longevity  Read More

Selling products or services to any generation is a challenge, but millennials have a lot of advertisers scratching their heads and struggling to come up with solid marketing campaigns.  This is because of a number of factors, like: Millennials are multi-taskers.  The 18 to 34 years of age crowd enjoy using multiple devices simultaneously and  Read More

Econsultancy and Adobe recently teamed up and released their 2018 Digital Intelligence Briefing report.  Not surprisingly, their research revealed that marketers were most interested in optimizing the customer experience this year. The report included responses from nearly 3,000 readers and over 2,500 individuals working in marketing agencies.  These were the top ranked areas which respondents  Read More

The spookiest, most spine tingling night is upon us once again, and we at Small Screen Producer are celebrating by sharing some of the scariest and most shocking online marketing statistics we have uncovered over the past year. 1. The Halloween Market is Growing Since the first citywide Halloween celebration occurred in Anoka, Minnesota in  Read More