Econsultancy and Adobe recently teamed up and released their 2018 Digital Intelligence Briefing report.  Not surprisingly, their research revealed that marketers were most interested in optimizing the customer experience this year.

The report included responses from nearly 3,000 readers and over 2,500 individuals working in marketing agencies.  These were the top ranked areas which respondents found to be the “most exciting opportunity” for their organization or their clients in 2018:

  • Optimizing customer experiences (19 percent company respondents, 15 percent agency respondents)
  • Data-driven marketing focused on the individual (16 percent company respondents, 15 percent agency respondents)
  • Creating compelling content for digital experiences (14 percent of respondents from both groups)

Video, multichannel marketing, and social marketing were also top results, although a larger portion of agency respondents were excited about social marketing in comparison to company respondents (10 percent versus 6 percent).


Having “Just a Website” No Longer Good Enough for Online Marketing

Back in the day, having a website was enough to have a “web presence”.  But with customer expectations growing and technology constantly evolving, brands have to go beyond having a static website on the World Wide Web to make an impact and engage with consumers.

Creating the best experience for your customer involves walking a fine line between data and technology, and in some cases you may just need to trust your instincts.

  • Learn about who your customers are.  Let data be your guide when determining who is interested in your products and services, and why.  There are a number of cost-effective (and free!) solutions available.
  • Figure out how your customer interacts with you.  Do they prefer to engage with you on a mobile device?  Do they like to interact with brands over social media?  Does your customer prefer product and explainer videos over text-based content?  Small Screen Producer can help with it all.
  • Drive sales.  Through creative planning and positioning, we promote and protect brands while increasing engagement, lead conversions and sales both online and off.



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