Instagram is the latest social media platform to offer a “mute” option to its users.

By “muting” an Instagram account, users are able to continue following an account without needing to see any new posts.  Users will, however, receive notifications if they have been tagged in a post or if any comments have been made.

Account owners won’t know that they have been muted by users, and users can deactivate the “mute” option at any time.


Are You “Mute”-Worthy?

Social media platforms started introducing the “mute” option in an attempt to reduce harassment and bullying online.  But users are using it for other reasons, like covertly keeping track of an ex online, blocking out irritating posts from friends and acquaintances without damaging their relationship, and yes – for silencing unwanted posts from “annoying” brands.

So what exactly would cause a user to “mute” your posts?


1. Too much self-promotion and too little engagement

Social media communication is a two-way street.  If your brand is giving itself too much attention, selling too hard, sending automated messages and not responding to other users online like a real human being would, expect yourself to get muted (or worse, unfollowed).


2. Spreading misinformation and unrelated content

Post content that jives with your brand and its message.  Avoid posting content like:

  • Chain letters
  • Urban legends
  • Posts containing little to no credible research


3. Chasing trends

Don’t hop onto the next hashtag trend simply because it’s the hottest and latest craze (and on a separate note, keep those hashtags to a minimum!).  Be a trendsetter and not a trend follower.


4. Bad customer support

Ignoring questions and complaints from an original poster not only frustrates that one individual.  Your entire following may notice, which can sour their opinion of you and your brand.


5. Poor spelling in grammar

Regardless of what language you are posting in, make sure that the post includes proper spelling, grammar and punctuation (that includes not going overboard with ALL CAPS POSTS).


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