Small Screen Producer, a digital and inbound marketing agency, has launched a new website for Studio RED Architects. The website was developed to include innovative web design elements as well as videos, shareable photo galleries and simplified navigation. The new website matches Studio RED Architects’ client-driven, not ego-driven, style.

Studio RED Architects offers a full range of architectural services to commercial industries, worship facilities, education centers, including renovation services. To showcase the knowledge Pete Ed Garrett and his team have gathered, they contracted with Small Screen Producer to turn their old website into one that is interactive, sharable, engaging and focused around the client.

Customers can learn about Studio REDs’ philosophy, projects and people through the interactive photo galleries and engaging video created by Small Screen Producer. Every page on their new website is shareable, a signature of Small Screen Producer, which taps into how clients observe and learn about quality architecture. Each project page is iPad friendly and suitable for on the go and mobile presentations. The new website features each Principal and allows them to share their personal philosophy and how it influences the culture of the firm.

Studio RED Architects simultaneously launched their new, branded social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube where clients can view photos, videos and post comments.

Small Screen Producer helps businesses reach their full potential and achieve their sales and marketing goals by creating searchable, socially shareable and viral content.

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