By now you may have heard about Google Places and why your local business should be listed, but in true Google fashion, this search engine leader certainly isn’t one to rest on their laurels. As Google is always trying to stay 1 step ahead of the game, move over Google Places, and enter Google+ for Business.   The process is already in place to completely phase out Google Places and transition into Google + for Business. For an example of what a Google+ Business page looks like, click here!

We had the feeling that Google would somehow integrate their search results into all of their tools and that is precisely what Google has done. With the new Google+ for Business, businesses who have Google+ integrated into their website (called direct connect) will appear with a +1 next to their listing in a Google search result. How can this benefit your business? Let’s examine that. For example, if you see 2 different listings in a search result, listing #1 has a +1 with the number of people recommending their page next to listing #2 that does not offer this additional information. Which search result would you choose?

Need another business benefit to be convinced of the Google power?  Remember thinking how time consuming it is to communicate with your customers on Facebook? Google actually gives businesses credit in the search engine juggernaut for engaging their customers and uploading photos to their Google+ page. The more customer engagements and followers that visit your +1 page, the more relevant and credible Google will see your business. We all know the more relevant and credible you are in the eyes of Google, the higher search results you receive.

Still not convinced? Think of the cross promoting opportunities. Link your services, blog posts, and key worded status updates on your Google+ business page to make the biggest impact. Again, everything you link can be +1’ed on your Google+ page by your followers and shared to their followers… follow?

For those of you with a current Google Places listing and think you don’t need to worry when the transition to Google+ for Business is complete, think again.  As with anything Google does, change is inevitable and upkeep is strongly suggested.  Never fear!  Small Screen Producer is here to help!  In fact, social media and promoting your business are what we love to do.  Let us take the work out of your business page by branding your Google+ page, creating fun & engaging content for your page, creating & uploading videos and much more.

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