At Small Screen Producer, we believe in a total web presence for our clients. Social search has taken the internet by storm, and in order to compete with today’s tech-savvy customers, you need a presence across the web.

Some of you may have heard about the recent Google Penguin update, and their latest update from that. Whether it’s the Panda update, Penguin update, or the Koala Bear update, Google is forcing businesses to practice legitimate search engine optimization practices via content marketing, social networking (specifically Google+), video marketing and optimized websites. They essentially want you to produce relevant and authoritative content for your customers. If your content is good, your chance of being shared and having higher website traffic increases, and the search engines will pull your content higher in the search rankings. It’s as simple as that. That’s why we produce searchable, socially sharable and viral content.

Optimize Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategies for businesses| SEO Firm| Small Screen Producer

First and foremost, your content needs to be written for people, not search engines. Remember, if people are happy, search engines are happy. Outline an editorial calendar with topics relevant and interesting to your customers. One of the best vehicles to produce content is a blog. You can keyword tag, title and categorize your articles, and add social sharing options to each post.

Promote your blog through your email marketing or social media channels to bring in traffic. We typically integrate our clients’ blogs into their websites, so ultimately; traffic is brought to their site. Also, by integrating your blog into your website, you create an opportunity to add fresh, relevant content to your website on a regular basis, which gives you bonus points in the eyes of the search engines.

Social Networking

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Both Google and Bing are integrating social into their search engines. Bing shows you which of your Facebook friends have a relationship with a company in the listings of a search query. Google shows you the +1s of your friends. Although Google+ hasn’t quite hit the masses, Google is doing everything in its power (and it is powerful) to make Google+ more relevant to people’s everyday lives. For example, Google Places is now attached to Google+ Your Business. When people click on your map listing, they can view more information about your business from your Google+ page.

This shift in how search engines operate illustrates how people find and learn about products now. A glitzy ad doesn’t sway us. Instead, we research. In order to be found, you need to participate in these social networks, and you need to do it well.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing tactics for lead generation| Small Screen Prouducer video production services Houston

Video is amazing on all accounts. Not only is it pertinent to web presence optimization, it also sells your products and services in an engaging manner. Uploading a video to YouTube, owned by Google, allows you to:

  • Have a presence in the second largest search engine
  • Demonstrate a product
  • Personalize your company
  • Create a movement
  • Showcase your work or portfolio
  • Optimize content marketing for search engines

Your videos need to be of professional quality with a well thought out strategy for the most impact. For your next marketing campaigns and upcoming editorial schedule, see if video can replace your content to create a more powerful message.

Videos on YouTube are excellent for search engine optimization. You can add keywords, titles and descriptions, as well as annotations to the actual videos. As the search engines, particularly Google, show more blended search results – results that mix website links, map listings, YouTube videos and so on – your business has the opportunity to beat out some of the longer, more-establish websites or completely own the top 10 listings.

Optimized Website

Social media and mobile friendly web design| Houston web design agency|Small screen producer

The content on your website should be searchable, socially sharable and viral. You want to make it as easy as possible for your website visitors to spread your website content to their social circles for maximum exposure. You also want to create an inviting and stress-free website design that inspires your visitors to stick around and come back often.

Your website should be built in a search engine savvy platform. Your website should have appropriate keyword balance, title tags and descriptions. You should have calls-to-actions to encourage lead generation and conversion. You should build landing pages for your advertising campaigns with signup forms to again encourage lead conversion. Incorporate interactive elements into your site so your visitors stay on each page longer, thus showing the authority of your pages to the search engines. Learn more tips on web design here.

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About Small Screen Producer

Small Screen Producer is a full service, marketing firm located in Houston, Texas that specializes in online digital media marketing through a 4-step process. Step 1: WE PLAN a custom web presence strategy for your business through website design and development, mobile development, social media account creation and branding. STEP 2: We then POSITION your brand through Pay-Per-Click advertising and search engine optimize tactics that include on-page and off-page SEO that are Google and Bing approved. STEP 3: We then PROMOTE your brand using an Inbound marketing strategy or a content marketing strategy to help you accomplish your marketing goals. We do this through blogging, video production, infographics, call-to-actions, landing pages, and free educational offers. We help you build trust and rapport with your customer base. STEP 4: We then PROTECT your brand’s web presence with a reputation management program that monitors social media and on line reviews. Get started today with a free online marketing assessment of your company’s web presence. Your company deserves it.