Since Instagram Stories launched in August 2016, it has now reached over 150 million daily active users. The company has now announced that Instagram full-screen ads will begin to appear on pages for more than 30 brands.

What to Expect from Instagram Full-Screen Ads

Instagram full-screen ads are a part of Instagram Business Tools. A number of leading brands will be testing out the Instagram full-screen ads,including Netflix, Nike, Qantas, and Maybelline New York. These ads include a number of attractive features including:

  • Targeting
  • Reach metrics
  • Marketing measurement capabilities

Instagram has also announced that these advertisements will be “sound on” to provide viewers with an “immersive experience” which will create an “intimacy with people” unlike ever before.

When to Expect the New Advertisements

Instagram full-screen ads are expected to roll out globally over the next several months. The company plans to have the new advertisements reach all interfaces over a period of several weeks.

Companies Are Seeing the Benefit

Companies such as Mulberry UK have stated that Instagram Stories has seen a major potential in this tool and that Stories has has already had a major impact on user engagement. According to Felipa Monteiro, who is the Head of Digital Marketing for the company, Instagram Stories receives 5 times more clicks to their site and engagement when compared to the average across the companies other social channels.

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