Take a look at at your Pinterest categories and you’ll notice a whole new handful of related interests listed at the top of the page. It’s Pinterest’s new approach for users to explore even more content on the site and even follow those who share their same interests.

Pinterest Introduces New Related Interest Categories to Explore | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

Source: Pinterest 

For example, if you visit the “Technology” category, you’ll see related ‘niche’ interests such as “information technology,” “internet marketing,” “social media,” “google glass,” and more. Click on “social media,” and you’ll find social media savvy pinners. While you’re there, you can explore even more related social media topics such as content marketing, digital marketing, inbound marketing, and so on.

When you click on the bottom of each individual pin, the site will take you to that individual’s Pinterest board where you can then choose to follow the board. The pins of this board will automatically start appearing on your home feed.

If you ever wanted to unfollow that page, all you would need to do is click through once again to the individual’s board and click the “unfollow” button. You can also view and manage all the boards you’re following by clicking on the “Following” button on the far right hand side of your Pinterest page.

This new feature is now available on Android, iPhone, and the web.

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