Facebook’s news feed might not be as fast-paced as Twitter’s, but it’s still almost impossible to keep up with “what’s happening” when you only have so much time everyday to do so. Luckily, Facebook’s completely aware of the situation and has introduced a new feature that allows users to save links and other shared material for later. Over the next few days, the feature will be rolling out to all users on iOS, Android, and the web, according to Facebook’s official blog post.

The save feature launched today will allow users to put away content links as well as places, music, movies, TV shows that friends are posting about. These items will all be collected into one area that will be added under the “More” tab on mobile. What if you aren’t on mobile? Not to worry, the items will be on your Facebook sidebar when you sign into your account on desktop. From here, you can finally catch up on reading the content and sharing those items to friends.

Facebooks Save Feature Lets Users Save Content From News Feed | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

Source: Facebook

Although this feature sounds similar to tools like Pocket or Instapaper, it’s not an offline feature. Nor does this feature have the organization of personalized boards that you’ll see with Pinterest.

Facebook knows that users aren’t spending all their time on Facebook and this much-needed feature is perfect for those who like to keep up, but don’t have the time to do so. If you’re afraid you might forget to revisit what you save, this feature will  add reminders to your News Feed to check out the links and pages your former self flagged.

Source: USAToday