Google announced it’s letting companies link their Google My Business account (formerly known as Google Places) to their Google Adwords account for better targeted local Google ads.

With this upgrade, businesses can expect a simpler way to manage their business locations in ads, bypassing the need for companies to add location extensions for each individual Google ad. Instead, location information will be included in all campaigns so that every ad can deliver important local information to customers at all times.

According to Google, customers continue to seek “information such as driving directions, store hours, and services available at local businesses. Research shows that 50% of consumers visit a store within one day of searching for local information on their smartphones.”


Key Benefits of the Upgrade: 

Reach – By linking Google My Business with Adwords, location information will automatically be included in all ad campaigns and available to more users.

Easier optimization – Since business addresses will link to Adwords, it will be easier for businesses to use location for more precise targeting  and bid adjustments. Businesses will have more opportunities to not only target ads in the US, but big for the area within miles of their business location. Businesses may also customize location extensions for different mobile devices.

How Do You Link Your Google My Business and Adwords accounts?

1. If you haven’t setup your Google My Business account, you can do it for free here.

2. Link your Google My Business account with Adwords. Get started with the Google ‘Guide Me’ feature. Learn more about Google location extensions here.