Pinterest has announced that it is now offering paid search to advertisers.  This release has come after a series of trial advertising campaigns with select companies including Target, eBay and Kenshoo.

The option is now available to all businesses who have Pinterest Ads Manager and who have uploaded a minimum of one pin.

Why You Should Be Interested in Pinterest Paid Search

The unique visual nature of this network presents a variety of opportunities that may not be able on other networks.  For example, Pinterest has made it well known that they want to start monetizing the “discovery” phase of search, when a user hasn’t yet decided whether or not they want a product but is open to ideas.

Apart from attracting buyers at an early stage of the sales cycle, here are a few other compelling statistics about Pinterest that may get you interested in Pinterest paid search:

  • There are over 200 million users on Pinterest (an increase of 50 million since 2016)
  • Each month, over 2 billion searches are performed on Pinterest
  • 97 percent of Pinterest searches are non-branded
  • 75 percent of saved Pins come from businesses

Taking Advantage of Self-Serve Pinterest Ads

The brand new Ads Manager allows advertisers to create and optimize what appear to be native Pins.  The technology will also track and report the performance of your campaign.

The company is hoping that it can offer something new while still delivering the same core performance metrics provided by Google AdWords.  It is also promising that its self-serve Pinterest ads

will be more sophisticated in terms of keyword and granularity of audience data than other paid search providers.

Thinking About Paid Search for Your Brand?

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