Pinterest has made a number of interesting announcements about the advertisements they will be adding to their already plentiful array of products.

Last week the visual intensive social network shared that it will be launching “Instant Ideas,” a technology which allows Pinterest to serve ads by having a user take a photo using the camera on their smartphone.

One example of the product they shared at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2017 was if you liked a piece of furniture at a friend’s house, say their dining room table.  Rather than ask your friend where it was purchased, you could launch the Pinterest app, take a photo of the table and Pinterest would then return a list of products of similar style to you.

Autoplay Videos Are on the Way

Another new product from Pinterest are autoplay advertisements.  Advertisers can now publish video advertisements that will automatically play in search and in the home feed of a user.

Why Pinterest Matters

Pinterest has worked hard to differentiate itself from other giants in this space like Facebook and Google by trying to tie the experience it offers closer to the real world than its competitors.  The company argues that their users are more invested in the things they show interest in and “pin” (i.e. how to cook a dish, how to do a craft, etc.) which could increase the likelihood of a user purchasing a product.

Is Pinterest Right for You?

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