Late last week Google posted a reminder warning about the dangers of guest blogging. While guest blogs or syndicated posts are accepted in general, there has been a sharp increase in the number of spammy links stuffed into these contributor posts as of late.

Focus Remains on Informative, Educational and Cause-Related Posts

Google has always allowed, if not encouraged, articles which inform, educate or bring awareness to a cause or company.  What they do not allow, however, are guest blogs intended primarily to bring links back to the website of the author.

What Violates Google’s Guest Blogs Policy

An article would be in violation of Google’s guidelines if:

  • The guest blogs are loaded with keyword-rich links which lead visitors back to your website
  • You have an article published on many different sites or having a large number of articles posted on a few more popular sites
  • You are using the same or similar content in one or more articles
  • You are duplicating the entire content of articles found on your own website
  • You are using or hiring writers who have no knowledge or experience about the topics they are writing on

Small Businesses Among the Most Vulnerable Online

The majority of small to mid-sized business owners are not well-versed in SEO simply because that is not their strong suit.  Unfortunately, Google cares very little about whether you are intentionally or unintentionally breaking their rules. You still may find yourself penalized or, even worse, blocked or banned from the most popular search engine on the planet.

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