Within the past week Facebook has made a couple of interesting deals regarding live-streaming: 1.) the social media giant entered into a live-streaming partnership with the MLB where games will air weekly on Facebook, and 2.) Facebook entered into a deal with ESL, a global esports company, to bring well over 5,000 hours of esports events and original content to the social network.

Many speculate that Facebook is doing this because it wants to challenge the Amazon-owned company Twitch and Twitter in the esports space.  The other reason behind it is simply because people love watching live-streamed events.

Making the Most out of Your Live-Streaming Event

Live-streaming isn’t just for sports; it can significantly boost any brand’s exposure online.  How you go about advertising and executing it, however, can make all the difference in your viewers watching your event and passing it over as they scroll through their newsfeed.

  1.   Broadcast Your Intentions to Live-Stream Early

Don’t leave it until the day of your broadcast to tell your viewers that you are live-streaming.  Give your viewership a heads-up at least a week in advance, and send out regular reminders over your social media channel, through email, and other marketing channels.

  1.   Have an Incentive

Apart from your brand loyalists who will watch you no matter what, you may have a hard time convincing other visitors and casual customers to stop by your live-streaming event.  By giving an incentive to watch your event (i.e. Watch the event to the end and receive a 20% discount off your next purchase, etc.) you can increase your viewership from meager to substantial.

  1.   Get the Videography Right

If you are going to live-stream an event, make sure it is done well.  This means:

  • Having the right equipment to shoot the video
  • Having a plan on the content you will cover, and at what points
  • Being succinct and to the point (whenever possible)

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