In late 2017 research companies like comscore and Mediapos shared some pretty brazen predictions about voice search, with one stating that 50 percent of searches will be done through voice search by 2020 and 30 percent of searches will be done without a screen by the same year.

There is no question that voice search is something brands and marketers need to be paying attention to.  Knowing how you should be optimizing your pages, however, is important so that you know where to invest your hard earned capital, which is why we are sharing these latest voice search statistics provided to us from Backlinko:


The Voice Search Ranking Results Are In!

While it’s important to remember that voice search results will continue to evolve, here are some of the latest to keep in mind when planning your online marketing strategy:


1. PageSpeed Matters – A Lot

The research company found that page-load time for a voice search result was nearly 2 times faster than traditional web pages!  Just like mobile searches, faster-loading pages typically resulted in greater voice search page results.


2. Authoritative Domains Matter

The study also found that Google voice search results relied heavily on authoritative domains for results but not page authority.  The Domain Ranking voice search results averaged 76.8. Page Rating for authority pages, however, was only 21.1.


3. High Word Count Matters

The voice search results returned in the study came primarily from pages with a higher word count.  For example, FAQ pages tended to perform well in voice search results.


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