After much speculation, Google confirmed that they had performed a “broad core” update of their search algorithm last week.  As some web developers and brands may have noticed, this has had an impact on their appearance and ranking in search results.

Google runs what the company calls “Broad Core Algorithm Updates” several times each year with one goal in mind: to improve the user experience.  While some say that Google is simply targeting low-quality websites when performing these updates, these constant changes tackle several issues in an attempt to improve the way their search engine responds to search queries.

What Brands Should Do After a Google Algorithm Update

Google algorithm updates like the one performed last week shouldn’t be a cause for alarm.  Here’s how your brand should handle these updates:

1. Stay Calm

Did you know that Google changes its search algorithm 500 or more times each year?  That means that Google search is being updated at least once per day.

The worst thing you can do is immediately try to dissect how you can “improve” your website to bolster your ranking in Google.  Stay calm, and head straight to tip #2:

2. Wait Before Taking Action

Keep an eye on how the latest major algorithm update is impacting your ranking in Google.  Don’t be surprised if it may take weeks for you to compile enough credible data to even tempt the idea of making any changes to your website.

While playing the “waiting game”, do a bit of research.  Check out the Google Webmaster Blog and read up on the experiences of other website owners since the newest update and consider how you would address those same challenges.

3. Enlist In Help When Needed

Feeling overwhelmed by these constant changes is normal, but those feelings should not take away from your business.  Getting help from professionals who make it their business to ensure that your website is up to date and ranks well, in any event, is a worthwhile investment that will help you maintain a strong online presence as you continue to focus on growing your company.

Building a clean, well-branded website loaded with educational user-focused content is the best course of action for any brand, no matter how many algorithm updates Google or other search engines perform in a year.  For more tips and advice on website development, Small Screen Producer welcomes you to contact us online or give us a call at (281) 569-4370 to arrange for your complimentary website consultation.