The social media network Instagram has been busy rolling out brand new features this week – features which can go a long way in helping brands boost sales and customer engagement this holiday season.

Instagram Offers Increased Integration with Shopify

As of this week, thousands more merchants will have access to the ”Shopping on Instagram” feature.  Still in its testing phase, these lucky users will be able to create a Shopify catalog on the network by “tagging” products.  

Customers who tap on the tag will have the option to purchase the item they see.  The transaction process can also be completed on the site, creating a seamless buying experience for the customer and the merchant.

Take Polls on Instagram Stories

Another handy feature that is rolling out just in time for the holiday season are polls on Instagram Stories.  After adding a Story to your Instagram account, you can tap on the icon to place a sticker and select the “Poll” option.

The poll is completely customizable, allowing users to choose:

  • The question asked
  • The available answers
  • The placement of the poll

Brands who may be scrambling to come up with ideas for what to push for their holiday Instagram marketing campaigns and how to do so should get these polls started soon to nab some fantastic marketing insight on what may make them the most profitable in the upcoming season.

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