Google recently announced that advertisers can now spend up to twice their average daily budget.  The company says that they have made this change to how AdWords budgets will be used to help brands reach their campaign goals.

Many of those in the advertising community, however, feel otherwise.

Advertisers Taken by Surprise

Several advertisers were stunned when they logged onto their computers on October 4th only to discover through a Google notification or via Twitter that the company had changed the way AdWords advertising budgets were going to be handled on a daily basis.  This was done without any notice to advertisers.

The primary issue many advertisers have with this change is that they do not want to spend their monthly budgets sooner than usual.  Google, however, thinks this concept makes sense.  They believe that campaigns will be able to better handle lulls and spikes in daily activity by having a more flexible budget.

Alternatives to Google AdWords

Google AdWords may be the leading pay-per-click (PPC) network for well over a decade, but that does not mean that it is the right option for everyone.  It can be expensive, and depending on your brand, you can get too little or too much traffic which can result in low conversion volume and poor Quality Scores.

Depending on your budget or your niche, consider exploring alternative advertising avenues, like:

  • Paid Facebook ads (or free Facebook “ads” if you have a knack for creating engaging posts!)
  • Bing ads
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn (great for B2B companies)
  • Amazon (an ideal choice for ecommerce merchants)

Want to Learn More About Your Advertising Options?

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