Instagram offers us the unique ability to share and get to know one another in a different way – and in a way it seems people prefer.  In June 2016, the number of monthly active Instagram users was 500 million.  By the end of the year, that number had increased by 100 million to 600 million monthly active users.

This is not surprising given how much people love visual content, something which Instagram is all about.  But trying to get word out about your business and your offerings on this social media giant is no easy feat.  That is why we are sharing some quick tips on how you can develop and find more meaningful profiles to follow your Instagram account to boost your presence on this social media network.

Optimize That Profile

Create a username which is not only recognizable, but which is easy to search, like the name of your business.  If the name is taken, maintain your business name as the first part of the username and add other words that:

  • a) Are relative to your brand; and/or
  • b) Are relative to you

Make your profile public, fill up your bio with informative information about your brand, and give people a reason to follow you.  While you’re at it, enable notifications so you can see when people comment on or share your images.

Share Great Photos and Write Great Captions

Most of us are not born with an “eye” for expert photography, which is why there are so many photo and image creating sites available on the web.  Take some time to read up on how you can improve your photo editing skills to create eye catching images.

Having great captions will also go a long way in creating interest and brand followers.  Include a call to action like “share your experience in the comments” or ask them to “double-tap” if they like something you have posted.

Start Posting  More Stuff

Most social media experts recommend having 10 to 15 solid posts up on your account before you start  to engage with people on Instagram.  Doing this means that people visiting your profile will see a screen full of beautiful images that will share your brand’s story, which increases the chances of them returning and following you in the future.

Have a Content Creator Like Small Screen Producer By Your Side

Managing a social media account on any network is a tough job.  It is time consuming and it requires experience to know what works on what network and what does not on another.

Screen Producer has made it our business to know what will work for your company and what won’t.  When it comes to digital media marketing campaigns, we are as hands-on as our clients request and we are committed to producing results.

Have a question about Instagram or want to increase your brand’s reach online? Then give us a call today at (281) 569-4370.

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