Our world is becoming increasingly mobile. More of us are using our smartphones and tablets to manage our lives than ever before. One of the leading apps which help us stay connected is the Facebook Messenger for business app.

Facebook Messenger serves a number of important personal and business functions, and some brands have taken this messaging capability to a whole new level. Today we are going to share how 3 brands are unlocking the potential of Facebook Messenger for business and how it is improving their connections with their customers.

1. 1-800-Flowers Is Keeping It Simple

Customers no longer have the time or the patience to go through 10 or more steps to purchase an item online. They want the process to be easy and instantaneous.

1-800-Flowers has streamlined the entire purchasing process by allowing customers to order, pay, and track the delivery of their flowers through Facebook Messenger for business. If you have a question or feel more comfortable dealing with a human being, they also offer the option to have a human customer service representative.

Image Source: Business Insider

Consider how you may be able to streamline your own purchasing process through Messenger. Look into when leads are abandoning their online shopping carts. Think about how an application like Messenger can help finalize those sales.

2. CNN Is Keeping You up to Date

Personalized content is key when it comes to engaging with your customers. CNN has mastered this by sending personalized content to their readers through Messenger.

Recipients are sent a daily digest of the top stories relevant to their interests. The network also interacts with its users in a natural and conversational way through the app.

This presents a whole new way for businesses to reach out to their customers. Having another way to engage with your customers and deliver targeted content will keep them connected with your company.

3. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Is Keeping You Informed

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is giving their customers yet another option to receive information. This airline company is now using Facebook Messenger to send booking confirmation information, check-in notifications, boarding passes, and flight status updates through Messenger.

Image Source: The Verge

If any element of your business requires customers or clients to make reservations, check out this Messenger format. It is an effective and easy way to stay in touch with customers. It also increases the chances of your customers remembering your brand and top notch customer service.

The social media landscape is changing at breakneck speed. What may be “in” today may no longer be effective tomorrow.

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