Google has introduced a brand new tool called the Ad Experience Report which is designed to help website publishers identify annoying and invasive ads on their site.

The Ad Experience Report measures how well an ad on a website complies with the Better Ads Standards (developed by the Coalition for Better Ads).  When activated, the Ad Experience Report will provide publishers with videos and screenshots identifying the “annoying ad experiences” on their websites in hopes that the publisher will then fix the problem.

Google Bolstering Annoying Ad Blocking Efforts

Google plans to increase its efforts in blocking annoying ads in early 2018 by having its browser, Chrome, automatically block them out.  Later this year, the company also plans to offer “Funding Choices” which will give website visitors the option of paying a fee to remove all ads from a website.

Google believes that these changes will help eliminate the need for ad blockers while also allowing content creators to have a viable way to fund their websites through online advertising.

Great Content More Important Than Ever

Having high quality content is more important than ever.  If you’re struggling coming up with content ideas or want to create more shareable content, here are some things to try:

  • Curate your favorite blog posts.  Make a list of your ten favorite posts from other blogs and decide what you like and what other readers enjoy.
  • Ask your readers.  Your readers will gladly give you feedback on what type of content they like to read and view on your website.
  • Enlist in the help of a guest writer.  Reach out to small-scale bloggers and see if they would like to include a guest post on your site.

Got Writer’s Block?  Small Screen Producer Can Help!

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